Friday, April 30, 2010

Thoughts , Thoughts, Thoughts….

I got back home yesterday. I can’t say that how much relief I am feeling after coming back home. I don’t know why but this time, even when I was out for just 10days unlike the last trip, where I was out for more than a month, still I was feeling so restless and just wanted to fly back to home ASAP! One reason for this,  I guess is the anxiety and restlessness that I am having in my mind thinking and worrying about those so many thoughts which are constantly moving around in my mind. I had a long talk with my mom yesterday about the issues. Though I did assure her that all would go fine as well as told her not to worry, the fact of the matter is that whatever is happening is actually a matter of worry and concern. I really feel so helpless when I see trouble coming from those people about whom, I can’t do a damn thing and since I can’t see my mom in tension, its making me much more mad and upset at the moment! Just hope and wish that all would go fine, not sure when it would happen though!

Though I am at home, still there are tons of things that I have in my hands that I need to finish. Too bad that the number of things I have to finish and number of days that I have are completely not matching! Sigh! I don’t know what would happen and how should I plan anything! Seems that there is so much around me to do but I am not able to do anything at all. Or may be I am just doing too many things and have lost count (and control) of the number. I need a planner with me or better, a secretary may be :-) !

And before I sign off, I just recall that I need to write a very important email to someone, reading which he would be having a heart attack as well as would be burning with tension! I am not happy doing so but at times, one needs to do what he needs to do and especially when he has always thought about others except himself, finally when he is getting an opportunity, he should do his best to grab it irrespective of what others would feel or say! All the time, I have seen people around me doing this only, looking for just for what they need and wan! Be it a better career, opportunity to study abroad,  better life and tons of things like this only! This person who would receive this ‘shocking’ email, is no different too. When others don’t think or bother, I must stop doing it, at least when it includes opportunities which would be difficult for me to get if I would miss them now! Its my fate that even when others do wrong things, its me only who would get all the blames in the end! If I have to get the blames anyways, why not I do that thing in the first place? And I am going to do the same this time!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pain, Pain, Pain….

It seems its a ‘pain-day’ today and I am not sure when its going to be over!

I am having a very bad stomachache happening at the moment when I am writing this post. Since morning, a little of it was there but now,its a little too much! At first I thought its happening because I am fasting and haven’t eaten anything but I am not sure that this is the correct reason. But even then, I don’t know what’s the actual except this that its killing me at the moment. I just wish I could be at my home, I really wish!

The second thing which is upsetting my mind is related to something really important to my professional life. There are some very important matters which are hanging at the moment and  a good ending of all those matters is very very important for me! I am not sure what’s going to happen but I am getting mad thinking about all these.

The last one ( for the moment) is related to my family and links also to my work. There is something really important that we are working over and its something which has given us many many sleepless nights. Just today, I spoke to my mom and she told me somethings which gave her a severe headache and hearing those gave me one too! Those who live on the bed of roses never can understand how much tough life can be and those who are not elder can never understand what does it really mean by the word “responsibility”!

Why the night is so long?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Restless & Boring Sunday….

It was a completely boring day for me. Though one good thing did happen that I was not having any session so I was just in my room but other than that, it was a completely boring day! I did catch some sleep but since there are tons of things going on in my mind, rather than being relaxed, I am much more restless! Given the fact what my nature is, I am going to stay like the same for some more days( or weeks may be , not sure)! There are some really important professional changes that I am looking for but thanks to the selfish nature of the people of this world, its becoming too tough for me to obtain those changes. I am working over some thing really important and I am really really looking forward to see it getting accomplished but I don’t know what and how it would be done since there are many people who are putting many obstacles! If this won’t work, this would come out as one of the biggest setbacks and upsetting thing for me and I really really wish that this won’t happen! I shall try my best but don’t know what would happen so just can say that fingers are crossed!

To kill my boringness, I did watch movies over the cable movie channel, Star Movies. There were some pretty good movies that did come today(fortunately) relieving me for my boredom somewhat! The very first movie, which I did see many many times before as well too, was Kung Fu Panda! What a movie it is! Since I myself am a martial artist and a BIG time cartoon fan, I just love the animation/cartoon flicks and this movie has a fantastic storyline with so good comedy from Po, that it makes this movie a must watch whenever and wherever its coming! Its just so amazing to see Po the panda doing the kicks and actions of kung-fu without ever leaving his comical nature! I have seen this movie so many times but every time, its a must watch for me! Today, after watching it again, I have just made up mind to get a dvd of it and carry with me wherever I go!

The second movie which I saw today for the first time was Taken! starring Liam Neeson. I didn’t see this movie before ever and this was the first time it came over the television here in India as well but I must say, it was a treat to watch it! I don’t care what critics have( or had) said about it but I liked this movie. Though there is not much of the acting involved in the movie since most of the movie is about the kick-arse action done by Liam or Brian Mills( his movie character name)! But still, despite all the (very) fast action sequences, drugs, some sort of explicit content, there was acting too and whatever its extent was, it was perfect for the movie’s plot! One really can’t sit and throw too many dialogues when all he has is 96hours to save his daughter and the clock is continuously ticking! So in that aspect, the acting content was perfect in the movie. I was just hooked to the movie and I must confess, all the time heart was beating so fast in the curiosity that what would happen now, whether a father would be able to find his daughter or not? And if that feeling does comes up, I believe its a sign of a good movie!

Now, there is a cricket match coming up and I am just least interested in cricket, be it of whatever format! Yes, I shall see the results after some time if I shall be still awake but that’s all about cricket from my side. I have another session(tough one) starting from tomorrow and I have to make some really tough things sorted out related to my professional career. Hope things go fine and would get sorted out smoothly. There is no good movie coming up right now so I shall just grab a cup of tea( have to order it first) and than will sleep or if won’t be able to sleep, would just let myself be lost in the jungle of thoughts! Do stop to say hi if you too are there in that jungle! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I have just got back from the session. Yes, I was working today as well and since last one week, I am working really hard since the session was very tough! I am just so happy that it got finished today and for one and half day, I shall be having some rest and sleep. I am not sure yet that what’s the rating but it has not come yet. Though I am very eagerly waiting for it to come but all the delegates were quite happy and left with a smile on their face. Few gave some very kind comments as well and since all the delegates were so senior, hearing such nice words from them mean so much to me! Other than that they gave me very kind comments and appreciation, all were really nice, friendly and co-operative! Thanks so much guys for everything! Hope to see you all soon!

I am going to be having another session starting from this Monday here only. So I won’t be flying tonight. Since the session was so tough, I had to study every night for quite some time , reason of which I am feeling so sleepy,tired and my head is spinning like anything! I shall just sleep now for some time. I want to go and get a shirt for me but I guess, I would defer it for some time! There are tons of things going on at that moment , both in mind as well as in the professional side. Hope all the things get settled soon. I need to learn to say “no” and I guess the time is coming near that I start doing it! Anyways, I shall be pouring some more rants after a while. At the moment, my bed is calling me!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Traveling Time Is Just About To Come….

Its the last day of my very short break( which wasn’t actually a break even since I was doing lots of house work). From tomorrow, I shall be on the road again and also will be handling a very, VERY tough module! I am not sure that how much I am prepared for it since I haven’t spent much time doing the preparation. I shall try to do it once I shall reach at my destination. Besides that its going to be a really tough and long week for me, I need to pull up my socks for my book’s remaining chapters as well. I haven’t done much of the writing ,partly because I am just too much occupied in my travels and sessions and partly, of the tiredness which comes after I come back to my hotel/guesthouse from the session. But, I have to push myself a little to finish all the stuff, tough thing but not impossible I guess! Okay, about this, I shall see later. The first and most important thing is that I have to make sure that my session goes off well. Pray for me guys and wish me luck, I am going to need it so much! Let’s see how everything goes?

A Long, Shocking, Busy, Tiring Day….

I have just come back with the last shopping of the day and that was my plane ticket for Monday. Yes, my short holiday is over and I am going to hit the road on Monday again and will be handling one of the toughest (and this time, its newest version) modules related to Oracle database. I can’t even say that it was a holiday since I spent almost the entire time doing one thing or the other and ironically (or surprising to many) , very less time was spent on Oracle db(there was indeed but a lot less) . Our home is undergoing a major repair work at the moment and because of it, there are just so many many things happening at the same time! You can imagine the chaos when from one room, painter is calling you telling that pain is going to finish soon and from another room, carpenter is telling that he needs bolts and tells you the specs related to those bolts which are as tougher to remember as a complex algorithm working in Oracle kernel :-) . Its been MANY years since we did any kind of repair or renovation to our home! And I can’t mention the reasons for doing so since its too personal and besides me and my family, there are just a handful of people who know the details of it! And as long as I am here, those details won’t come out and the number of those handful people is highly unlikely to increase as well! In short, I can’t mention that why this happened but I can surely say, being a part of it is one of the best feelings for me! I am sure I am sounding so much excited and without a shadow of doubt, I am indeed to see my home being repaired. Its not at a very large extent but whatever it is, it means so much for me and for my family and those who know the “actual reasons” , only they would truly understand the meaning of this “why”!

The day started with a (shocking) surprise. We have a very old sofa set which my mom, dad bought some 30 years back. The wood used in it is very good and that’s the reason they didn’t want to throw it away even after all these years besides the biggest reason that it was the first ever sofa set that they bought! The sofa was completely shattered so it needed a complete repair and when I was traveling last week, my dad already gave it for the same. When I came back this week, I was told that its going to come after being repaired in this week itself. It was supposed to be coming up yesterday but it didn’t. We did call the carpenter who told us that its done and would be delivered this morning. Needless to say, I just couldn’t wait to see the repaired set. The carpenter gave a ring and told that he is coming with the sofa and the excitement went sky high! But when I saw that carpenter, I was more shocked and surprised than excited. I never thought that I would see him standing in my home. And the reason for this feeling is that I knew him already. How? Well, few years back, I planned to make a very very special birthday present for someone and when it came to be being special, I wanted to make it “really” special! So I thought why not to “create” something than to just go and “buy” it? So I decided to make a photo frame of wood which wouldn’t be containing a photo of anyone actually but a hand written note, filled with roses and tons of other stuff! And when I thought about this gift, I thought why not to give it a “personal touch” and than I decided that I shall make it on my own! Now, that was more easier to be said than to be done actually since I had no knowledge about carpentry whatsoever! So what you do when you want something to be made from yourself but don’t a darn thing how to start with? Well, if you are like me, you would go to someone who knows about that stuff and asks him/her to teach/guide and help you in doing/making that thing and that’s the same I did! I am sure, there is no need for guesses now that I went to the same carpenter whom I saw in my home today morning! Yes, he lives very near by and is owning a complete business of carpentry. So here was me, who wanted to make a special photo frame of wood, had no idea even how to start with it too but still I was completely determined and had decided that I only would make it! So I went to this carpenter and requested him to teach me how to do all that stuff? He did ask me that why on earth I want to ( need to) to do it all by myself when he or some his worker can do it in a very less time? But looking at my determination( good word chosen, should have said stubbornness), he finally agreed. I spent almost a month learning about polish, blade, shiner etc etc and finally made it! I can’t say that it was a master piece made by an absolute genius but I put a lot of hard work doing that, got countless cuts on my fingers while making it so yes, it was not just a photo frame for me! I didn’t expect it to be a master-piece but I was just happy to finally see it and hold it in my hands! And I must say, this carpenter also was very happy for me! He told me that it was for the first time that he saw someone like me :-) ! Anyways, I did send it too. And after this one, I did send couple of times some other stuff as well( was handpicked all the time) but than I was told something which did hurt so much. And after some time, again did hear something which just crushed that same heart into millions of pieces and when it did happen, I was in a very bad position. There were tons of things that did happen to me at that time actually but about them, some other time! Since this carpenter became a friend of mine in that time which I spent with him, he always used to ask me about how the things are and all that! So I stopped visiting him completely. Its years since I last went towards his home or office. I just didn’t want to come in front of him! But today, to my sheer surprise, I came to know today morning only that the carpenter whom my dad hired to repair the sofa and the guy who helped in making that photo frame were just one guy and now that guy was standing ight next to me! It took me an instant only to remember him but he didn’t say anything except giving a  stare at me! He just delivered the sofa, took his charges and left. There was no other conversation that happened between both of us but still,  I am sure, he is really pist off over me and I won’t call him wrong in being so as well! I shall go to him some time for sure but for today, this was a very shocking surprise for me!

There were no more surprises offered to me by anyone in the rest of the day but it was very tiring and sweaty! I drove my scooter for almost the entire day. There were many many things that I had to get, some were for home and some were for me! The list for the home was a long one including mattresses, cushions as well. Yesterday only, we got the curtain work done in the entire home. I chose all the designs and all the designs were looking so good too when they finally arrived :-) . I chose for the first time some real expensive ones ( and indeed good too) whose costing did touch the skies so had to leave them and choose another design. Fortunately, that went well in both the costing and in the liking as well. I am good right :-) .

Almost the entire stuff from my shaving and shower kit was over so I wanted to get that as well. So I got all that too. I wanted to get some knickers for  me since its being very hot and to go out (if on a weekend while traveling) , its too difficult to wear a full trouser or even pajamas as well! So I thought, let’s buy some knickers and finally bought it from Octave. Bought just two of them and will see how much I would like/dislike them. Also I went to CCD and spent some time there doing thinking, watching the people and also sipped two new tastes!

Finally, the last bit was to collect my plane ticket for Monday. After getting it done, I just drove back to home!


Its too late I guess here at my time. So I shall take your leave and would go to sleep mode now :) . Nites! 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee Calling….

Its been quite some time since I have gone and sat in Cafe Coffee Day(CCD). Its not the coffee alone for which I want to go there but I also want to spend some time with just Aman too! And what can be better than doing it while sipping a Devil's Own! I have tasted all the flavors what CCD can offer and their counterparts from other places too like Barista. Still there must be many tastes which I have not yet get a chance to taste and the reason purely is logistics for it. For example, I tasted Hazelnut Latte while wandering around with Sidhu and it was indeed good but we bought it from a small coffee shop inside the City Select mall. I want to try it also from Starbucks but I guess Starbucks haven’t realized yet that how much business they are loosing by still not coming to India when every Inc. is counting a big chunk of its business from here! Anyways, I shall have my coffee some time later either today or tomorrow but since I have just come after driving on my scooter for an hour in a real hot day, I am first going to look for chilled water! I know coffee is calling and I am going to answer the call very soon!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1st Kabbaddi World Cup & The Winner Is….

In case you don’t know ( if you are new here or don’t know me yet completely ) , I belong to Punjab and I am an in and out Punjabi guy who loves and has proud over being a Punjabi! I must say, because I have travelled  ( and still do) in almost entire India and abroad as well, I have a great respect for  the other  states as well  and before calling myself a Punjabi, I would call myself an Indian first! But still, its not just me but the entire world knows that there is no match of Punjab and Punjabis in some things! I can go on and on to explain the qualities but that’s not something that I am going to do today. Instead of that, I shall be talking about something that I just saw and which I like so much as well!

In India, the national game is Hockey. After this, the national Punjabi game is Kabaddi , a game which needs so much of strength yet demands being so quick! A complete team play which must be there in order to be a winner! I am a die hard fan of this game. Although, I have never played it at that level at which it is played worldwide( yes you read it correctly, its not a game just of Punjab anymore) but still, I don’t know what reason to give but I just feel so excited watching it! I never liked that stupid game called Cricket and I myself have practiced martial-arts for many years but still, Kabaddi is very close to my heart and forever will be! Its just amazing to see the quest happening to score just one point yet there are never hard feelings among the players for their opponent team. All the players of this game give so much of respect to their opponents and even greet them for scoring the point! Aah am I sounding so excited ? Well, you don’t need to guess since I really am! And the reason for that is that I just happened to see the first ever world cup of Kabaddi which did happen and start from this year. Its a great initiative from the state government to promote this game and through it, help those players who spend so much of time, some time, even lives over this game! That’s why there was a big cash prize that was decided for the winner team, a whooping cash prize of 1crore INR(10 million)! Even for the 2nd and 3rd positioned teams were supposed to get 50laks( 5million) and 25lakhs(2.5million)! And it was not ending just here, all the 9 participating nation’s teams were going to get a participation money of 5lakh(0.5 million). Besides this, for the best raider and stopper as well, there were prizes( check the Wikipedia link to know whats raider and stopper)! Also, while today’s match was going on, the state chief minister publically announced that all the players would get a good government job as well in next 15days! I must say that I was really happy to see all this. We all need encouragement, doesn’t matter how big or the small task may be, given even the smallest encouragement can motivate the person to push his limits and do wonders and that’s the same happened in the today’s match which also happened to be the last match, the finale of the tournament! Yes, it was the finale of the 1st world cup of Kabaddi and the winner of this year was India! WOOHOOO! The 2nd runner up was Pakistan and 3rd country was Canada! But the match wasn’t a close match at all! In fact, Indian team , since the starting itself, did make sure that the maximum  points would come to India only!! It was a terrific power display from Indian team who did beat its opponent team with a huge score of 58-24! Yes, its true that in a game, there would always be that one side would be a winner and the other tastes defeat! But all said and done, to be honest, no one would like to stand with a losing team! All would love to be only on the winning side. Also, it would also look so bad that the host country itself lost the game as well! So, I guess the entire team was so charged up that within just the few minutes of the starting, we were leading by 7 scores and this gap just kept on increasing up till the time. Also,  today was the day when Indian team showed that why are they so dangerous in Kabaddi! Can you imagine that how excited I was ( and still am) looking all that happening live from my home tv. It was just great and I just hope and wish, this tradition of uplifting this game would just keep on getting stronger day by day!

Oh, I am so excited that I forgot to mention that I am at home. Though I shall be at home for a very small time, I still can’t say that I am on vacation and need to do lot of work. And that doesn’t mean only Oracle related work but also the the houseold work since we are renovating our home! I am going extremely busy and there are tons of things going around around me as well which means, I am very tired and should get some sleep! So closing now! Nites!

Friday, April 09, 2010

And I Did It….

I have just managed to finish my session which went into tons of issues since its starting itself! Even the session was going behind the schedule by one day and when I took over, it was already two days passed from a five day total schedule! You can imagine how tough it would be to manage in such a environment where nothing was working and we were already going behind the schedule! I guess, this time, even I wasn’t sure that whether I shall be able to pull the module on time or not since the module is very heavy with tons of content in it! But somehow, I was able to do so and we are done now with the module and all the delegates are done with all the labs as well since the time I took over the session! I know I went really fast to complete the session but it was needed as well! I still tried to maintain this thing at my best that I should not skip any explanation where ever was needed and demanded! I am still feeling really bad for the delegates since they suffered a lot in all of these five days without no fault of them at all! But hope, to some extent, in the context of the delivery at least, they are satisfied! All left just now smiling, doing hand shakes which is surely a good sign! I am still not going to have a sigh of relief as long as I am not going to see the official rating so I am still keeping my fingers crossed. But still, I do hope that even if it won’t be very good, it would not be “bad” too!

And now awaits for a long night and than a long day of travel but I am still happy since  I would be able to go to my home( hopefully, please God please please please!!) and see my family! There are some really important things happening at my home and for none of those, I could be there at home thanks to so many of responsibilities that I have on my shoulders. I hope I shall be able to complete of all my responsibilities and duties and bring some smile over the faces of those who mean this entire world to me, three people for whom I can do anything and everything, possible and impossible too! I just can’t wait to get back to home but still I have to but that’s okay :-) . Now, the first wait at the moment is for my cab which hopefully would be coming any moment now! Hope I shall catch some sleep and get some rest today :-) . Cab cab where are you ?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

When The Going Gets Tough….

The tough gets going, right? Well, to some extent, okay to most of the extent, its correct! But what is not mentioned is that even for the tough person, its not an easy thing to do and when its just tough going all the time, there can be chances that even the tough person may lose his will and charm to keep on going! That’s what is exactly is happening with me at the moment in my current program! As I mentioned in my last post that I am assigned a session which was not assigned to me originally. Well, the reason for assigning that task was genuine and its okay as well for me to take it up. But what the issue is that its a real painful time for me, thanks to those tons of issues that I am facing here! Because of all those issues and despite of all the efforts that I am putting to keep things in control, I am losing the will, patience, strength somewhat for this program! A bad sign and something which I never like to see happening but what to do, am a human too and may be not so easily, I can feel a little pain too, can’t I?

I took over this session yesterday, on the 3rd day , from its actual start which was on this Monday! When I landed here, night before my session, I was told that the logistics facilities are truly pathetic and the session is already lagging behind by one day! Okay, not a good thing to hear if you ask me just before you have to take over a session from in between! Anyways, I heard all about the issues and next day, came for the session and it became evident to me in just few minutes that things are not good at all here! There were so many power supply interruptions , internet was not working or even if it was working, there was a very less bandwidth that was coming! Since I am the public-facing poor soul here so all the heat is coming over me! Okay, now that’s something which I never can bear. If its not my fault, I won’t listen too anything about that fault as well! It does not happen often that I get upset but when I am , I am really bad! So I just asked for the facility manager. He was not in his cabin so some gal told me that she would ask him to contact me asap! Well,make it soon I said and I came into my room! I had a real “hot” argument with him when we met and I told him that its a totally unprofessional behavior! He apologized many times and promised me that all the things would be in place in few minutes only! Well, he did try his best and in another 10 minutes, most of the stuff came online and he also came to my room and apologized to all the delegates! Surely enough, no one wanted that “sorry”( isn’t the same I said in my last post? ) but they wanted the things to be working which means, serious action was required to be taken! Well, all he could say was just “sorry” and “yes, we shall try our best” , that’s all! Still, things did work yesterday somewhat and we closed the day very late with a promise that all would be functional the next day! How easily people make promises isn’t? They don’t even think that that time would come eventually when they have to show that they have kept their words, but no, this world doesn’t have many of those kind and the consequences are thrown over the face of those who do keep their words and expect the same in return!

Today, when I came to the office, I came to know that there is some issue with the power generator and its getting replaced! Well, I just said , let them do whatever they want before 9am but after 9am, I shall be after their lives! I didn’t have to do that anyhow since by 9am, they brought the power back and we were back in the business! Things were starting to look okay but just then only, there was a disconnectivity in the internet. I informed the local staff and they rectified it. So far so good! But then it happened again and after lunch, yet again! I have no idea that why some people are so irresponsible that they can’t see that others don’t have a life time free for doing some things! We all work in a very tight schedule and time is money! But no, all this seems like jargons to many I believe! Now the delegates are really pist off and they are asking that why not we cancel everything and re-schedule it! Not an easy option in anyways if you ask me! I was planning that I shall be able to go home for some time after the last session but than I got this one on my head and now, in this too, there are tons of issues and I am sure that they would hold me back here for some more time here! I am tough but even for me, going is becoming really tough this time! Not sure what would happen now. I just hope that there won’t be any extension done to the program and it may get finished on time, which means tomorrow only! God, are you listening!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I guess, it will keep on continuing for some more time that I shall remain upset and annoyed over  people for many reasons! In the continuation of the same,  I just got a news about a task that has been assigned to me at the last moment! I can’t put any details of it here but still, there are couple of things which I shall say for sure. First thing, I am not upset that I am assigned for this at the last moment. Its okay. At times, there are certain things which come all of a sudden and that’s perfectly fine! But what I am upset about is that why it is always that when in need, its Aman indeed ? If there is someone that needs to understand about any damn thing, its got to be Aman! WHY! But when it comes about Aman, when he says something, its commitment , reasons , helplessness  and all the other damn words of the same type which come flying from all over! Why not people step ahead and see how tough it is to meet commitments, how really tough it is to make a promise and fulfill it! Its so damn easy to show your “helplessness” but to do even a bloody tiny thing, like stepping out of home itself takes a lot of effort! But no one bothers about it when it comes to Aman since he is a fool and he would surely “understand”, be it when there is a promise that he has made and when someone else can’t lift a finger even to do something, than too! Yeah right! On top of all,  there is one other word which is used so easily and that’s “sorry” ! Yes right, so convenient isn’t it to say use it where nothing else works right!  Sigh! I am not sure what to say since I am just so upset and my mind is completely blocked! I am thinking about many incidents at the moment and the more I am thinking, the more I am getting upset but I know, even I shall be upset to my peak,  this world won’t change and won’t even bother so the best would be keep quite( for the moment) and face whatever is thrown at you by whoever!

Really Upset….

I am just burning, really really upset and annoyed! I just so wish that I could mention for what and on whom but I just can’t! All I can say that I am so upset at the moment! I am supposed to work on a paper that I have to submit tomorrow but I am not in  a mood to work over it at the moment. I should be on the bed at this moment but I am not sleepy at all and I should feel hungry since its my fast today but I am not feeling any sign of that as well! All I can feel is that how much angry I am and even being so, I can’t get it out anywhere (and on anyone as well) except mentioning it here! Hope morning comes as soon as possible so that I can get back to my office , do lots of work and in all this, I won’t get any time to think anything and be upset some more!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gold Priced Dinner….

{Rant Started}

I am sure if you are a regular here, you must be knowing that I am still traveling only. I haven’t written anything though since I have come here. Its my 3rd visit to this city and my experience is ( like the past times) quite pleasant so far! The most important thing for me,since I am on an official tour here, is how my program is going and how delegates are receiving what I am saying . In that aspect, I guess, the delegates are extremely intelligent yet very friendly and co-operative ! We had a little bumpy ride for the first three days because of some logistic issues but today, that issue is a bit resolved since the venue itself is changed now! So today, as per the feedback given by the delegates, all went well and things were very smooth as compared to the last three days. And there is nothing that matters more for me than  the customer’s satisfaction so its the greatest thing for me that finally, delegates are happy! Other than that, here there is a different kind of schedule that I am supposed to follow and when I am saying different, it means really different. What’s different in the schedule? Well, I am taking a nap in the morning from around 9 to 11am, did it sound “different”  :-) ? I am starting my session at 2pm in the afternoon here because the delegates are busy in their work and its not possible to get them out from their day job for complete 5 days. I don’t get that much of sleep normally so that’s another good thing that’s happening with me here! But despite all the good things, there are few things which I can’t really call bad but still can’t call good too and the first one is weather. Since this is city which has sea , its quite natural to have humidity here and when you add that with hot summer weather, things go a little wild! The second thing is the traffic. Thankfully I am not traveling too far to go to my venue but still, I am hitting some traffic in the evening while coming back to my hotel and that’s enough to show that how worse it can be at its peak! And since I mentioned hotel, this makes me remind that today I had a dinner which did cost me around 800 INR( around 20USD) . For some, it may mean nothing and to be honest, it shouldn’t effect to me as well since this all is coming under the official expense but still, isn’t it bloody too much? I surely think it is and guess what, I am not even in a five starred hotel. I am in a three starred hotel which was chosen for solely one reason that it was the closest one from my venue but even in this hotel, one cup of tea costs around 40INR. Its not much right? Well, may be not but for me, who is habitual of having a tea cup far bigger than what I get from here and in just about 2INR, its pretty much, rather too much! And yes, it still does pinches me even when its going to be billed to my company. And it hurts even more when the names of the dishes, especially like salads are like Insalata Siciliana , Caprese which did cost me a fortune even when in the end, if I really look at the recipe , it was nothing more than a mix of the same vegetables which are otherwise too available and are eaten normally in salad very often! And when you order something which is really expensive thinking that its going to be somewhat different only to find out that it was actually just the name that was different, it pinches even more! I am not sure what anyone else would say but I really didn’t like this gold priced dinner at all!

{Rant Over}

PS: There is another rant that I have which is about a city/state but that would sea the sunshine at some other time because tomorrow I have the session starting at 9am and it would be a really LONG session so I need to do things at the moment. One, prepare what I have to discuss tomorrow and after that, catch some sleep!