Sunday, January 27, 2008

Travel, Travel & Just Travel....

Yeah I am still traveling. Its been a real long travel. I have been just traveling since 6th January. At the moment I just landed up in Hyderabad, back to the same place where I came first in this tour. Alot of things have happened. I shall talk about them when I shall get some time to sit back. Now I am too much tired and I need to get up early too so see you soon. Adios!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Travel Update....

Its been a tiring one at the moment and to make things a little more worst, I am not really in a very good moment or mental state of mind. I am going to make a move from here to another place directly where the stay will be a tad longer. Lets see how things will shape up?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Travel Time Has Come Once Again....

Yes it has indeed come. I shall be leaving tomorrow. It will be a long and tiring one. And on the top of this, its really very cold at the moment. But above all of this, the biggest concern is make the program go well. I hope everything goes fine. Wish me luck guys!

What Would Your Answer Be....

Suppose you loved some one from the deepest of your heart, more than you ever loved or would ever love some one in your life and that person leaves you breaking your heart into millions of pieces. After this happened, later after some time, some one asks you that do you still remember that person and miss him/her despite what ever he/she did to you, does remembering her/him stll brings tears in your eyes despite that he/she is the one who hurt you the most even when you loved her beyond words or limits , what would be your answer? Will you say yes or will you say no?

Durga Rangila is one of oldest and among those few Punjabi singers whose name may be not known to many coz there are not much videos that he has made and there is no fleet of albums that he has cut like most of the singers doing at the moment. But he is among those very few who has sung some really heart touching songs.  Songs which are so close to describe the pains of broken hearts, missing love that they have the power to bring tears immediately in your eyes when you hear them.

The following song sung by Durga Rangila long time back is among those very few numbers which are the milestones in Punjabi sad songs. The lyrics are depicting the sadness of a guy whose love has left him.  But when he visits the places where he and his love used to meet, when he sees the belongings of her, remembers her eyes, remembers her, at that time what he feels, how much sadness and pain he feels and how he describes it, that is so very beautifully depicted by the lyrics of this song. To add on it, Durga Rangila has sung it so deeply that the lyrics have become alive with the magic of his voice. There is no official video of this song that was made. But an unofficial video version of this song is compiled on YouTube. You can listen this song here on YouTube.

The lyrics of this song are in Punjabi. I shall explain the meaning in English in a while. Here are the lyrics in Punjabi:

Jithe aathne sawere reh gaye hasde
Ik duje nu c sukh dukh dasde!
Us nehar kande hun v khalo laida!
Ni gal lag ke safedeyan de ro laida!
Ni gal lag ke....(repeat)!

Tere sandli jehe naina de bulawe chete aunde,
Dudh chittian kalaiyan de klawe chete aunde!
Teri yaad nu khalyan ch samo laida!
Hai Teri yaad nu khalyan ch samo laida!
Ni gal lag ke safedeyan de ro laida!
Ni gal lag ke....(repeat)!

Apan ret utte bahian jo lakiran vekh rondian!
Ni ronde tere khat sare, tasveeran vekh rondian!
Bas hanjuan ch chees nu luko laida!
Ni gal lag ke safedeyan de ro laida!
Ni gal lag ke....(repeat)!

Mainu puchdi safedyan di kalli kalli tahni,
Kithe 'shaukat' tun chhadd ayon oh marjani!
Hauka bhari da te palkan nu dho laida!
Ni gal lag ke safedeyan de ro laida!
Ni gal lag ke....(repeat)!

And here is the meaning of this song in English:

Where we used to sit and laugh all mornings and evenings,
Where we used to sit and share all the joys and sorrows,
I still stop some times at that same bank of river,
But all I do now is just hug the trees and cry!
All I do now ....(repeat)

I still remember those sweet eyes of you,
I still remember those arms of you holding me!
But I just hide your memory in the thoughts,
All I do now is just hug the trees and cry!
All I do now ....(repeat)

Those drawings we made on the sand, just come and see, they are crying!
Your letters are crying, all of your snaps are crying too!
All I do now is just hide my pain in my tears!
All I do now is just hug the trees and cry!
All I do now ....(repeat)

Every single branch of these try ask this question from me,
Where you have left that girl, Why you have come alone!
All I do now is have a deep breath and close these eyes!  
All I do now is just hug the trees and cry!
All I do now ....(repeat)

I don't have any explanation beyond these lyrics. I don't have any other words to express the feeling of this song more nicely. But it may happen that you wont like these words, you wont understand or feel the pain expressed by these lyrics. If you have not tasted that poison of love, these words may not hold much for you. But if you have tasted that poison and living with the taste of it than you would understand how deep these lyrics are and how much pain is hidden behind that line of standing alone and hugging the trees on that bank of river where some time ago, the lover used to sit with his love! And if you understand the feelings of this song, you would be able to answer the question that was asked some lines above.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Cold Dinner & Reunion....

Last night we went out for new year celebration as we couldn't go on 31st December. It was planned but still we couldn't go on the scheduled date. So I was asked yesterday by the main arrangers for the entire trip to get ready. It was me, my sister Gunjan , her friend Nancy, Sumit along with his wife Monika, we all went to Haveli aka WadiHaveli which is Ludhiana-Ferozepur highway. It was a great planning which was involved in going over there as the place is quite far from Ludhiana and the best part is that its really cold at the moment. Last night's temperature must be 1degree. So a great thought process was involved that how we would actually go there. Initially we were going by car but some how it got failed at the last moment so guess how we went? Yup we went on our bikes. That's why I mentioned 'cold dinner' :). The best thing happened that I forgot my gloves so my hands were like they will crack just by a touch. We were like frozen bunnies when we finally got at the place, especially me and Sumit as we were driving.

Haveli is a concept based on the theme of traditional Punjab and to show its traditional and rich culture. Wadi means big and Haveli means villa so it comes down as big villa. The whole place is build on the same theme though to cope up with the current time, some today's time additions like chinese snacks, coffee, video games corner are also added. But over all its a nice place to enjoy dining in the traditional way. If you ask me, I am very proud to be a Punjabi. Its a saying that 'all try to be the best but some are born only as Punjabis'.Punjabis have proven themselves in the whole world with their hard work, big hearts and bravery. So for me anything related to Punjab and Punjabis is the best. All the others too enjoyed so much being there. Gunjan, Monika and Nancy took so many snaps of them around the statues and all over the place. It was a great fun to be there.

One more incident happened there which I least expected. When we just entered in the premises of Haveli, I saw a guy whom I recalled as my very old and dear friend Navdeep but as I was far from him, I couldn't have a clear view. So I went a little close and called him. He missed it and went inside. I thought that he must be some body else but it doesn't happen that I forget anything or any person. Despite he didn't look at me, I was sure that he was Navdeep so I went inside to ask that person. And guess what when I went inside, he just looked at me and shouted,'hey Aman!!'. Yes he was Navdeep, my very good friend whom I was seeing yesterday night after 6 years. I haven't met anyone up till now in the marketing business who is as good as Navdeep is. You can expect how efficient and good he would be in his work by this that after joining as an insurance advisor in his bank(which will be unnamed) , within an year only he become team leader there. Extremely intelligent, smart and good looking with amazing social and networking skills. He was there with his wife Simran and their very sweet daughter, Hasrat. Hasrat is such a sweet angel. I was carrying her all the time they were there and she was so much happy!  I met Nav almost 8 years back for the first time. Than he came down to Ludhiana to look for a job and started living there in 2002. He got his job very soon in a very reputed banking firm in Ludhiana where only he met Simran who used to work in the same organization. Navdeep and Simran fell in love and got married . Their marriage is some thing which proves that when you love some one from your heart, its nothing beyond that person which matters.Navdeep and Simran belonged to different castes. This proved as the biggest milestone in their way. Being a pure Jatt boy, Navdeep had to bear his entire family's anger and the same happened with Simran. They tried a lot to make things go fine but sadly it didn't happen. So they were forced to take a very extreme step, they did court marriage and told their families about it. After about 6 months, every one got agreed and all is well at both the ends. Me and Navdeep used to sit for long hours at my home before he got married and talk about how everything will go, how to put things in front of his family and all that! He used to give me advices too that what should I do but lets not talk about it here as its not about me but about Nav and Simran.Simran's family lives one block ahead from my house. After he got married, he left that job and also Ludhiana. Now he is settled in Bathinda city as branch manager of a bank along with his wife and daughter. It was so nice to see him so much happy and meet him and his family after so long. He thought that I am married too now and took Nancy  as the gal who was supposed to come from Malaysia. But I told him she is not the one and not my wife too and neither I am  married. I could see from his face that he wanted to know what happened. He promised me that he will come to my place before he leaves Ludhiana as he was visiting his in-laws yesterday.

After having a very tasty dinner and hot coffee, we all left for home. Again it was the same bone chilling weather which welcomes us outside and it was really so tough to get energy to come out from the cozy atmosphere from Haveli and drive. But we couldn't stay there and had to come home so we had to drive. It was so good to be with your closest and dearest ones and enjoy and also due to this visit, I met with my long departed friend, what else best I could ask for to start my new year?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008....

2007 has passed and has left its memories. Some may be bad and some may be good. But 2008 has arrived promising new spirits, new smiles and much more happiness. So lets welcome 2008 with open arms. I wish you all a very great, smiling, successful and happy 2008! Hope you had great fun last night and also the celebrations will keep on going today too. Wish you a great 2008!