Saturday, June 30, 2007

Travel Update & A Small Achievement....

Yes I came back today but I shall be leaving again tomorrow.  Yup I came back for one day only.  Last tour was okay( I hope so).I got some really good comments from the participants so for me that's the assurance that everything went okay.  Rest everything was normal except there was ( and now this situation has become worse.) so much rain back there in Mumbai.I was lucky enough to come out yesterday and no delay was issued for my flight.  But from today onwards almost all the flights are now getting either delayed or worse,yup canceled.

Now tomorrow I shall be leaving.  This would be for a client side and its been a while I have taken that module so I am a little shaky.  I hope and wish everything goes fine.  Pray for me guys!

And about the moment of achievement, today I have received an award of appreciation from my manager. According to him, I have done good work.  I am thankful and happy about receiving but if you ask me to open my heart, I didn't do anything exceptional.  Yes I shall be doing some day, really good things.  But yes I definitely want to say thanks to my manager for this appreciation.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Travel Time Has Come....

Yes I shall be leaving tomorrow.  Once again, there are some of the toughest modules ahead.  I shall be (hopefully) coming back on weekends and will be leaving on Sundays.  But that's something which is not so important.  The modules that are going to come in front of me are very tough ones and I really am feeling so much nervous.  Pray for me guys that everything goes well and absolutely fine!


I have cleared my 10g DBA certification today.  It was long due and was one of the biggest burdens on my head. I have cleared it with a decent score.  Definitely it still doesn't mean that I know Oracle 10g inside out as there is ( and always will be) so much yet to learn but now I am feeling a bit relieved

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wedding Update....

I couldn't write about the wedding that happened of my friend Puja.Its just that I am a little struck up in some thing which is not leaving me any room for the updation of any events.  Well the wedding went really fine.  It was all very well planned and done and the entire credit for that goes to Kavita who despite being injured did everything and managed everything so well.  I am happy as I was able to attend this wedding coz I would be leaving on this Sunday for a long tour which will leave me coming and going, so it was good that I was able to attend it and was a part of it.  Once again, my heartiest congratulations to Puja and Ashish.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Moments....

Last night , I went to my friend Puja's home. Her wedding is today and it was a pre-wedding dance and music function. Its a love marriage which is going to happen. I had seen what and how all this has come up to these happy moments and I really wish that Puja and Aashish would be forever happy and smiling.

Function went great.  There was so much of dancing and music everywhere.  Did I dance?Well if you have asked this that means you don't know that I believe some one must be in the audience too and that's exactly where I am always.  Wedding will be in the day time hmm after about 2 hours it will start.  Its raining too today.  Lets hope it wont spoil the celebrations.  Did I say "spoil the celebrations"?Just remembering some thing synch with these words.  Anyway time for me to get ready and than leave.  Excuse me,I have a wedding to attend :-).

Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Love Letter & Its Reply....

Love stories and love letters are so much important to those who are in Love or/and who long to be in love.  So don't they matter to me or I don't like them?Well I shall talk about this some other time. Here what I just found. A guy has sent a letter to his love ( or friend or whatever you want to call) and gets a reply.  It made me smile so I thought will share it with you. Firstly it will be the guy's letter and then it will be the reply of the gal to him.  Let me know you liked it or not? 

Rahul's love letter to Ankita in Q/A format....

My Dearest Ankita!!

Please answer the following questionnaire.

For Options
(a)10 marks,
(b) 5marks and
(c) 3 marks.

1) Whenever you enter the class room, your sight
always falls on me
(a) of love
(b) you couldn't control seeing me
(c) really ... am I doing it?

2) Whenever professor cracks joke, you laugh and
turn and look at me

(a) you always like to see me smiling
(b) you are testing whether I like jokes
(c) you are attracted by my smile

3) When you were singing in the class, I entered
and immediately you stopped singing

(a) you are so coy to sing before me
(b) my presence influenced you
(c) you feared that whether I'll like your song

4) When you were showing your childhood photo, when
I asked for it, you hide it!

(a) you felt ashamed
(b) you felt uneasy
(c) you don't know

5) During trekking, myself and my friend gave you
hand for lifting you and you took only my friend's
(a) you enjoyed my disappointment
(b) you won't feel leaving my hand after grabbing
(c) you don't know

6) You were waiting yesterday for bus and didn't
get into your bus...


(a) you were waiting for me
(b) you were dreaming about me and didn't notice
the bus
(c) that bus was crowded

7) You introduced me to your parents when they came
to college
(a) I am going to be your groom
(b) you just want to know what your parents think
about me
(c) just you felt like introducing me to them

8) I told that I like girls wearing roses. Next
day, you came with a rose on your head

(a) to fulfill my wish
(b) you like roses
(c) by chance you got a rose

9) On that day, it was my birthday. you too came to
temple early at 6:00 A.M

(a) you want to pray along with me
(b) you want to meet me before any one could meet
on my birthday
(c) you want to wish me at temple because you are

If you have scored more than 40, then you are
loving me. Don't delay in expressing it.

If you have scored between 30 and 40, love is
budding in your heart and it's getting ready to bloom.

If you have scored less than 30, you are in confusion whether to love me or not.
Eagerly awaiting for your reply..



************ ********* ********* ********* ********* 

Ankita's reply letter (also in Q/A format)....


Please answer the following Yes/No questionnaire.

1) If somebody sits in the first row, normally people entering the
class, sees them.

(a) Yes (b) No

2) If a girl laughs and looks anyone, is it love?

(a) Yes (b) No

3) While singing, if somebody forgets lines of the
songs, will he/she stop singing or not?

(a) Yes (b) No

4) I was showing to my friends (who are all girls)
my childhood photo.
You poked your nose inside..... right ?

(a) Yes (b) No

5) I avoided to hold your hand during trekking.
Couldn't you understand yet?

(a) Yes (b) No

6) Should I not wait for my best friend (Anjali) at
the bus stand?

(a)Yes (b) No

7) Shouldn't I introduce you to my parents as a

(a) Yes (b) No

8) You have said you also like Lotus, cauliflower,
banana's flower. Is it true ?

(a) Yes (b) No

9) Oh was that your birthday. That's why I could
see you in temple. I come daily to Temple. Do you know ?

(a) Yes (b) No

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the question,
then I am not loving you.

If you have answered "No", then you don't know
the meaning of Love.

Hope everything is clear to you.


So how was it?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Feeling Empty....

I have not posted much though its being 9 days since I have come back. Its not because I don't have anything in heart to say. There is a lot that is there inside. Alot of anger is there over so many things, people. But I am not able to give it a face in the form of words. It just feels there is so much emptiness inside. I don't know what's the reason for it but yes this is the state of mind at the moment and I have no idea how to fill this emptiness.

Friday, June 08, 2007

A Happy Moment....

Yes it is.  After almost 20 years, mom had been promoted and also got the place of her choice. From last some time there were lots of problems going on at her school.  Finally she is able to come out from that environment and also from the company from those people who didn't value her and her presence there.  Anyways its just a very happy moment for entire family.Congrats mom!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Not In A Very Good Mood....

I am in a very bad mood at the moment. There is so much anger and  I am so much upset. I don't know what to say and what to not? There are some things about which I shall talk some time later. I am listening songs at the time when I am writing this, trying to calm myself but not able to do it, nothing is helping. All this is there and to make things worse, I am not feeling well too.  No idea what to do or where to go? I am really missing my punching bag which if would be here today, I would have torn it apart! I guess there is no other way out except to just sit and bear this pain.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

True Expression Of Love....

Some times, some lines, some words paint such a good picture in front of you that you can actually see the depth of those words, lines in that pictures so lively in front of your eyes.  My friend Kavita has found some lines on her machine and have posted them on her blog here . Truly amazing lines!As Kavita said in the post, they do really represent the true emotions of a person who has given away everything of his to get just one thing, Love!I am posting the lines here also but all the credits for this post goes absolutely to Kavita only.  Have a read:

You gave me some life
You gave some reason to live that life!
You were so near but so far!

I laughed when you laughed
I cried when you were sad
I wanted to see the lightening smile
Always on your face.  All your grief is mine!
All the happiness in this world is yours!
You were too far but, so near!
Just a heartbeat away!

There was a time
Where life looked like a fairy tale,
It was just you and me,
Nothing else!
You were too far, but your shadow was there!

You have gone too far,
Beyond my reach.
You may not know
You are so near!
So near that You're just a dream away!
I don't see you when I open my eyes.
I see only you With my closed eyes!
You've gone nowhere.You’re here!
Just a heartbeat away, Just a blink away!

Isn't these all lines are so very true?

Friday, June 01, 2007


Yes I just got back in the morning today after a long and tiring tour.  This tour was a little bit hectic and a little bit different from the other ones for couple of reasons.  Except one part ( which too did not bad but as they say once you are in habit of being the best you cant get satisfied being just "good" , so one tour was like that).So in the total, this whole tour was okay.

My first stay was at Calcutta.  Calcutta, I had been there some time back before for the first time.  That time I didn't actually go to Calcutta but a place near to it and than I went to Calcutta for 1 day.  Some memories came up instantly into the mind when I landed up there in Calcutta.  I went to Calcutta for official reasons but that time it was for a personal reason.  I was trying to go to Malaysia and  in that process I had to go to Calcutta for 3 days.  I remember that place so well coz in 3 days, I spent 2 days watching tv only without any phone or anything just was in my room as I didn't know the place and with whom I had to accompany, he made excuses( or in more polite language, gave "reasons") for 2 days that he wont be able to make it so I had no choice.  And finally when he came and we went to Calcutta, my work still couldn't happen as the people whom he took to , they were crooks.  So after wasting 3 days I just came back without anything in my hands.  Well I was disappointed but not that much coz with losing some fights, you don't lose war.  I left some one back at home( not actually but yes it was likely that) waiting for me and was desperate to go and talk to that person.  Well I had to hear that coz I was not there at home and couldn't talk to that person, that time was the best for that person and he was very happy coz I was not there.  All this came in the mind just like it happened yesterday.  My stay at Calcutta was for official purpose.  Well some problems came in that coz the client created some issues.  Well as it is said, all is well which ends well.  So finally it ended well and I was all set to leave for the end of India,Trivendrum.

Trivendrum, I guess if not the only one that may be the biggest green city in India.  I had a program over there for 3 days.  Guess what, the client I was visiting, they had never let any other person/company come and deliver any training's as they solely relied their in house staff for it.  This was first time in the company's 10 year history that some one actually was invited to deliver training.  Well that was me :-).Some how, it went well.  Project leaders, their senior DBA, and Team Leader were very happy and promised that from now on they will give opportunity to outside consultants to come and deliver lectures also whenever its feasible.  So I had now 2 days free before I had to start my next program at Delhi.  So I thought that I shall spend one day at my home and than from there I shall leave for Delhi.  So I caught flight for Trinvendrum for a journey that was going to be for almost 18 hours.  Well normally I take flight from the venue to Delhi and from there I catch the bus to my home which takes almost 7 hours.  But from Trivendrum, there was no direct flight at the time when I was leaving.  So I had to catch the flight first for Banglore and with a stay over there for almost 3 hours, I had to catch other flight to,Delhi is it, well no, to Hyderabad coz there was no direct flight to Delhi from the time when I was about to reach Banglore, at 11pm.So at 2am from Banglore I took the flight to Hyderabad which was about to stay there for half an hour and than from there it took another 2 hours to Delhi.  Well those 2 hours were actually for the travel.  My flight spent almost one hour extra in roaming around as there was so much traffic on the Delhi airport.  So I got at bus-stand and started for home at about 7am.I was supposed to be at home by 1pm but to my bad luck,first driver drove the bus like a snail was moving and than the bus's engine collapsed.  So I finally got at home at 3pm.I was dead tired and there was a lot to do.  So I had to do a lot of things in hurry so did that and was ready to leave the next day for a 15 days tour from which I came back today morning.

I left from home for Delhi and this program was there only.  Well that went well.  I had to take a fresh module this time in Bombay.  Bombay, again one place which created some memories for me which I recalled while wandering around in the lobbies of the airport.  I never been to Bombay before but 2 years back I wanted to go there for a special reason.  Some one was coming from abroad and I was very keen to see that person.  So I decided to go to Bombay and see that person coz that's all I could do at that time, nothing else was in my hands at that time.  Yes I really wanted to just see that person for once coz he was about to leave Bombay to some other place.  But I was not given permission to even come there and see that person.  This time, when I myself was walking in those corridors, it was just coming in mind that that person must had walked around in the same halls and that desperation was coming in mind that I had to just come and see that person which I couldn't do coz I had promised I wont come.  Anyways I was there for official purpose again and it went well.

On my way back from Bombay to home, at baggage screening, the screening guy broke my baggage's handle.  Well nothing so terrible but it was that bag which I bought when I was about to do my first air-travel and that to a foreign country,yup Malaysia.  I don't lose temper very easily but some how, some things I cant bear.  This mishandling I could never forgive so airline(Kingfisher) had to see that personality of mine which is not so pleasant,yes my angry man personality.  Well they apologized for so many times and said that they will repair it.  As I didn't have time to sit and wait for repair to happen so they decided to compensate.  I don't like to get all this compensations but coz they did a mishandling and to with some thing which carries a lot of memories of mine, I definitely could not allow them to go scott free.  So I took the amount and set back for home.  I caught the bus at about 1am.Normaly it takes about 7 hours but the driver drove the bus really fast and I was there at my place in the morning at about 6am.On the way, I was sharing my seat with a couple.  Guy was going to Amabala and gal was going to Jallandhar.I don't know what happened but when the guy left the bus at Amabala, since that time onwards, gal had just tears in her eyes.  It really touched me so deep inside.  Love,yes its still alive in some people's hearts that's what I was assured that time by seeing those tears coming coz of pain of separation in that gals eyes.  I hope both of them wont be separate from each other for longer time and as soon as possible, they be together.

In this trip one good and one, I don't know what to say about it, funny or just another thing happened.  One I met in guest house at Delhi, 2 other consultants Ashok and Anbu.Realy nice and friendly.Ahsok is really a serious guy but very sharp.  A very brilliant guy in PeopleSoft.Anbu, very very nice guy and a gem in his field.  I am not having much idea which tool he works upon but he works very strongly in the field of tele-communications and you can imagine his depth of his subject coz he was offered in his last company a post of general manager and stock options.  Very nice guys!I hope they will remember me too as I am going to remember them for their very nice and friendly behavior.We three had long talks at dinner table.  Even me and Anbu met on the airport when I was leaving for Bombay.  We spent about 2 hours together on the airport.  Very nice guy indeed!

And the funny (or what ever you want to call) thing that happened was that at Bombay airport, I met with a very renowned Punjabi singer, Amrinder Gill.  I happen to see lots of film and theater personalities and this time even I saw Mukesh Ambani on the Delhi airport but its not a big deal for me.  If you know me, you know it already that it will never happen that I shall run after any one of them for their autographs and all that.  And if you don't know and want to know why I wont do that than it better you ask me in person, I wont say the reason over here.  Anyways, this guy Amrinder too is not an exception of this rule.  Only thing that happened that was different this time that I came out from the cyber cafe after checking my mails and I was passing by when I saw him sitting next to me.  I just stopped coz I thought I had seen this guy some where.  I have a bad habit that when some thing strikes in my mind, I don't let it go till I wont get the answer of that so I just asked that guy who was sitting that are you a singer?He nodded thinking that I am a fan(well not really a fan if you ask me but yes I do like his some songs).Well here comes the twist.  I completely forgotten his name and when he was nodding his head, I was thinking that what the heck is his name?Well I couldn't recall at all so I just said I am sorry but I don't remember your name.  His face really was showing the expressions of surprise and I am sure a little bit disappointment also coz I could see it very clearly it on his face that some one whom he was thinking is his fan, he doesn't even remember his name.  Well what to do, I really had no idea what his name is at that time?He got up and said I am Amrinder.Sudden strike in mind and I said aah yes of course you are Amrinder.Well we chatted for some time sitting there, had Coke together.  I got a call from home so I had to leave him alone and had to take it.  He also got busy in a call so after when I finished my call, I went for security check and than to the waiting room.  He came after some time and we met again there.  Nice guy I should say.  Well I didn't think that he is some star of some sort of coz the talks that we were having , they were just like any two guys would have.  Again it was a call for boarding so we had to seperate.No autographs and no snaps.  Well they were never supposed to happen anyways coz I don't like all that but its always better to say a formal goodbye which I missed to say and I thought was important as a good gesture.Couldnt help it coz I had to go for a long journey from there.  Well may be next some time.  I am sure I must had made Amrinder felt very bad with me forgetting his name but it was not intentional.  Sorry Amrinder!

So that was how this tour got winded up.  I had some good new collected and some old ones got refreshed.  Well as I always say that its not important how the tour went but how the work ended.  I hope I finished my assignments with a good note and a smile on every one's face so I can say that it was okay too.  I am really very tired and sleepy now.  I have lots of things in mind to say but that will take some time.  For now ,I am signing off. ADIOS!!!!